Land for sale in Pobrdje, Kotor

Code: #023

Pobrđe is an authentic village located in the Lastva Grbaljska area of municipality of Kotor. Unique village estate with three stone houses, two large courtyards, a threshing floor, two wells and meadows. Its outstanding beauty boasts with authentic architecture, while the oldest parts of this property are 500 years old. The nearest beach is Bigovo which is 3 km away, 7 km from Kotor and 5 km from Tivat airport.

The property has 3 562 m2 of land, an old stone house of 240 m2 and two smaller buildings of 32 m2 and 25 m2. Threshing floor is situated between these facilities. Stone walls follow the borders of the property, while meadows with olive trees are within the property. Property has a view towards Tivat bay and Lovćen mountain.

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