Hotel Seljanovo

Code: #012

Hotel complex comprises Hotel and park with bungalows.  

Hotel and park with bungalows has total of 250 beds, 90 rooms and 40 bungalows.  

Restaurant amounts to 500 seats, night bar, open bar, swimming pool, basketball, tennis and volleyball terrain.

Surface of location is cca 23.361 m2.

Surface of hotel facilities is cca 2.802 m2.

Surface of facilities in park with bungalows and apartments is cca 1.882 m2

The location is divided in two urban parcels with purposes of hotel and tourist resort.

The surface of urban parcel of hotel comprises 8231 m2 with allowed upgrade of hotel up to 9.500 m2.

The surface of urban parcel of tourist resort is 13.768 m2 with allowed upgrade up to 16.521 m2.

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