Hotel Melia

Code: #014

Hotel is seated on a very attractive location in a very center of Petrovac (Budva), exiting the main road of this coastal town, only 100 meters above the existing Palas Hotel, with quality access roads from the main road, and only 150 meters away from the sea.

The location is surrounded with Mediterranean plants, mainly palm trees, and will be upgraded with additional ornamental plants, which will reperesent an exceptional landcscape architecture.

The building design and layout are in line with contemporary trends and surrounding, with usage of natural and modern materials being present in construction of exterior and interior spaces.

Hotel in Petrovac is ranked as luxury hotel providing the ambience and establishing new trends in hospitality and design. Visitors and guests of the hotel can use: luxury restaurant, bars, pools (indoor and outdoor), wellness&spa, commercial contents.

Hotel is granted with 5 stars rate.

For additional information and the price, please contact us.