Land for sale in Ćurilac - Danilovgrad

Code: #023

Urban construction land in Danilovgrad, Ćurilac. Cadastral plot has area of 1613m². The plot is located 140m from the motorway M18 Podgorica - Danilovgrad, it has road access to the motorway. The location is situated 4km from Danilvgrad city center and 16km from Podgorica city center. It is ideal for family residential building, with plenty of area for playground, garden and growing fruits and vegetables, since the soil is arable land of very good quality. Additionaly, besides residence purpose, the locations can be used for construction of commercial activity building.


UT conditions:

- occupancy index max 0,2 - 0,4;

- construction index max 0,4 - 0,8;

- storeyed P+1+Pk;

- max GBA 350m².

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