Azaris Solar Plant

Code: #009

When it comes to solar energy , the Municipality of Ulcinj is a very suitable area for its exploitation, since it has the largest number of sunny days in Montenegro. Having in mind the benefits of developing alternative sources of energy, the government of Montenegro provides different incentives for investments.

 There are currently in rural areas 9 zones, in a total area of 576.70ha, with the potential of 144.17MWh. The most of the locations for solar are in the Briska Gora area, where the offered land is located.  The land of around 8 ha, that is being offered for sale, is fully located in the solar plant mark. The total zone where the land is located accounts for around 33 ha. The project can be individually done, but in case that the investor wants to by more land in this area, there is a possibility to buy or lease around 16 ha that are in Government possession (government land is marked in yellow in the picture on the left).

 The energy production potential for the offered land is above 2 MWh, while if combined with the government land around it, the potential equals to more than 6 MWh.


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