Porto Capital Montenegro, investment agency

Bring your company to success!


Porto Capital is a company specialized in management, consulting services and intermediation in Podgorica which began working in 2018. Founded by professionals in the field of economics and law, with also extensive experience in real estate, business opportunities and systems in Montenegro for more than 20 years, the company aims to support and advise both local and foreign investors when it comes to sale and other business opportunities on the territory of the country, the creation of plans and business proposals in order to meet the needs of clients within the defined budget. 


By using modern methods of business education and consulting, a mission of Porto Consulting company is to help clients to increase their intellectual capital, performance and profitability of their business. In relation to the specific needs of our clients, our consultants in cooperation with the management team are working on creating, developing and stimulating those business opportunities that will contribute to the value of clients. 

  • Intermediation in the sale and rental of real estate

  • Providing the necessary documentation in a timely manner 

  • Client needs analysis

  • Improving business organization

  • Investment planning and business financial analysis 

  • Opening new companies for local and foreign clients

  • Business, marketing and financial planning

  • Project management